bask.guide is a multidisciplinary project led by Kit Kuksenok, PhD, a Berlin-based artist and data scientist. Through research and teaching collaborations, my mission is to expand the collective imagination of technology's role in how we understand and imagine the human body. This project explores both critical and curious perspectives on the sociotechnical aspects of body knowledge.
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All events below are open to the public. Some of the past online events have been recorded and can be viewed; as a starting point, I would recommend the 2023 NeMe talk.


Politics of the Machines conference in Aachen, Germany (April 22-26, free attendance) In this conference, I will chair the Body Imaginations track. What artistic, practical, and speculative tools make care possible within complex biological systems? This track imagines mechanisms of care within the human body as a complex system.
June 26th panel with Saga Briggs, author of "How to Change Your Body" hosted by the MIND Foundation. Details TBD; local in Berlin


Radical Imperfection in Self-Tracking @ School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe (5-week online course)


"Body Data Curriculum" presentation at Data for Care @ NeMe Arts Center Lays out the vision for bask.guide (April 2023)
Body Data & Complex Systems @ School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe (5-week online course)


Discussion & drawing workship at Berlin's Weizenbaum Conference: Drawing as a Facilitator for Critical Data Discourse This intervention explroed the 2022 theme of the conference, Practicing Sovereignty: Interventions for Open Digital Futures"
Conversations with Emily Fong On two occations in February 2023 and in November 2023, Kit and Emily held conversational space about understanding the body through our respective art practice. We talked and sketched, and invited all participants to talk and sketch with us.


"Speculative Images" @ The Art of Engagement The Scottish Public Engagement Network Annual Gathering (August)
Radical Imperfection in Time-Tracking @ School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe (5-week online course)


Radical Imperfection in Self-Tracking @ School of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe (5-week online course)


What are the possibilities for sociality within body knowledge production - including not only discursive practices, but also drawing and creative exploration of body data?

Newsletter: 100 Guides

Starting in 2024, and running for the next 5-10 years, is the "100 guides" project. It includes explorations of 100 words related to ther project, and will culminate with a physical+digital publication of these essays, annotated and with additional interviews, upon its completion.
  1. Change (April, 2024)
  2. Complex (Next up)


How do we know what we know about hormones? (HumDrum Press 2024, Forthcoming) The culmination of my artist residency at the School of Commons (Zurich 2022), book is not a book about hormones. Rather, it is a book about how we humans think about our hormones, and how we know whatever we know about our hormones. This book is also a collection of invitations to draw, discuss, move, and imagine the internal bio-chemical dialogues that our bodies hold within themselves.
CRITICAL DATA PRACTICE AT HOME AND WITH FRIENDS (2020-2022) Expressive (and collaborative) data practices for building body knowledge and practicing data feminism.


"When is a Body?" Preface to "Where Does a Body Begin?" (becoming press 2023) Exploration of body temporalities.
Kit Kuksenok, Christel De Maeyer, Minha Lee. 2022. "Drawing as a Facilitator for Critical Data Discourse: Reflecting on Problems of Digital Health Data through Expressive Visualization of the Unseen Body Landscape". in Proceedings of Weizenbaum Conference 2022: Practicing Sovereignty: Interventions for Open Digital Futures"
Satsia, Maria, and Kit Kuksenok. "From Data to Matter: Anti-Systematic Interventions and Explorations of the (Micro) biopolitical Organism." Proceedings of Politics of the Machines-Rogue Research 2021.
Kit Kuksenok, Marisa Satsia. 2021. "Know thy Flesh: What Multi-disciplinary Contemporary Art Teaches Us about Building Body Knowledgein xCoAx2021.
Jenson, Sage, & Kuksenok, Kit (2020). How to Observe the Inner Space of a Complex Biological System through Speculative Simulation. Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts, 12(3), 9-24. 10.34632/jsta.2020.9489.
Sage Jenson, Kit Kuksenok. 2020. "Exploratory Modelling with Speculative Complex Biological Systems" in xCoAx2020
Feminist Futures Hackathon 2021 Talk Blurb and Speaker Photo xCoAx Slide from Marisa Satsia collaborative research